As part of our commitment to comprehensive care, our dentist and team offer specialized Phase One and Phase Two orthodontic services in Lake Mary, Florida, tailored to meet the unique needs of growing smiles.

When Would I Need Orthodontic Care for My Child?

Early intervention is crucial to address developing orthodontic issues. Phase One orthodontic care is recommended for children between the ages of 7 and 10, focusing on intercepting potential problems and guiding jaw and facial development. Phase Two typically begins around ages 11 to 15, involving the use of braces or other orthodontic appliances to perfect tooth alignment and bite.

What to Expect During Orthodontic Treatment

During Phase One, expect a thorough assessment of your child’s oral development by Dr. Mark Falco, potential issues identification and the implementation of preventative measures. In Phase Two, your child may receive braces or other devices for precise tooth alignment. Regular check-ups at Smile Design Studio of Heathrow will ensure the progress is on track.

Benefits of Pediatric Orthodontic Care

The advantages extend beyond a beautiful smile. Early intervention may prevent more severe issues, such as overcrowding or misalignment, reducing the need for extensive treatment in the future. Orthodontic care contributes to improved oral health, speech development and self-esteem, laying the foundation for a lifetime of confident smiles.

At our practice, we are dedicated to providing quality orthodontic care that nurtures healthy and happy smiles for your children. Call us at 407-804-0770 to schedule your child’s screening today.

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